(A)   The regulations contained in the sections relating to signs (§§ 154.470 through 154.486) shall apply to signs outside of the public right-of-way and on the property to which the standard or regulation refers, except when specifically stated otherwise. A sign may only be erected, established, painted, created or maintained in conformance with the standards, criteria, procedures, and other applicable requirements of these sections.
   (B)   Unless otherwise stated in these sections, all determinations, findings, and interpretations shall be made by the Zoning Inspector or his or her designee.
   (C)   The following signs and displays are exempt from these sections, except as noted in § 154.483:
      (1)   Building addresses, sign plates and window and door graphics of three square feet or less for any use; however, the area of such graphics shall be included in the determination of maximum window coverage and sign area allocation as noted in § 154.483(L).
      (2)   Any sign displaying a public notice, warning or other information required by a valid federal, state, or local law, ordinance, or regulation;
      (3)   Official flags of any nation or government;
      (4)   Official flags of a commercial or non-commercial organization, not exceeding 24 square feet;
      (5)   Any sign, banner, pennant, etc., located inside a building that is not attached to a window or door and is not legible from outside of the building in which it is located;
      (6)   Any work of art that does not display a commercial message;
      (7)   Any religious symbol that does not display a commercial message;
      (8)   Any traffic control sign, such as "STOP" or "YIELD," located on private property that meets applicable governmental standards pertaining to such signs and does not display a commercial message.
      (9)   Signs erected by state or local government agencies, or their contractors, to facilitate the construction, maintenance, or operation of transportation facilities.
      (10)   Product dispensers and trash receptacles not displaying a commercial message or displaying a commercial message not exceeding three square feet.
      (11)   Holiday and community special event decorations that do not display a commercial message;
      (12)   Signs on athletic fields and scoreboards intended for on-premises viewing only.
      (13)   Non-commercial signs and messages not exceeding three square feet.
(Ord. 07-045, passed 7-17-07)