(A)   Architectural design review is required for all uses permitted under § 154.351 according to procedures detailed in § 154.071.
   (B)   All new commercial, industrial, multi-family or mixed use buildings or additions to existing structures shall comply with the following standards:
      (1)   The front door or entrance to a building shall be visible from a public street.
      (2)   Blank walls are not allowed on walls facing a public street. Openings for windows or doors on these walls should constitute between 30-60% of the wall surface.
      (3)   All structures shall have a minimum height of two stories as measured from the average grade at the front property line. For buildings on corner lots the average grade along both street frontages may be averaged and used as the basis for this standard.
      (4)   All walls facing public streets shall be faced in brick or concrete masonry unit (CMU) painted or stained to resemble brick.
      (5)   New buildings shall be located on the site so as to conform to the existing front setback line established by existing structures. A variation of up to 20% is permissible.
      (6)   All loading areas and trash receptacles shall be located along side and rear walls and screened from the public streets.
(Ord. 07-109, passed 11-20-07)