(A)   Single family residential dwellings - attached and detached.
   (B)   Multi-family residential dwellings, including apartments above the first floor of non-residential buildings.
   (C)   Commercial uses.
      (1)   Offices;
      (2)   Banks, credit unions and other financial services without drive-through facilities;
      (3)   Professional and medical services;
      (4)   Personal services such as barber shops, beauty shops, shoe repairs, laundries and dry cleaning services;
      (5)   Retail establishments;
      (6)   Restaurants, taverns and other places serving food or beverages without drive-through facilities;
      (7)   Amusement and recreational uses including theaters for movies and performing arts and fraternal organizations and clubs;
      (8)   Accessory uses clearly incidental to a permitted use.
   (D)   Cultural, educational or religious facilities operated by a governmental organization, religious entity or non-profit organization.
   (E)   Light industrial uses:
      (1)   Assembling or manufacturing of finished goods from materials, parts or components that are manufactured off the premises;
      (2)   Warehousing and storage of non-hazardous materials;
      (3)   Wholesaling establishments;
      (4)   Repair services for machinery and equipment within an enclosed building;
      (5)   Accessory uses clearly incidental to a permitted use.
   (F)   Off-street parking lots and garages.
   (G)   Other uses which the Planning Commission determines to be similar to and compatible with those uses in this section and in conformance with the intent and purpose of this district.
(Ord. 07-109, passed 11-20-07)