(A)   The following regulations shall apply to all areas designated as residential in the Great Oaks Mixed Use District.
      (1)   Residential, multi-family. The permitted use shall be multi-family residential development including multi-family apartments and garden apartments.
      (2)   Density. Density as defined in § 154.546(B)(2)(a) shall be permitted per the underlying zoning district.
      (3)   Maximum land coverage. The maximum coverage of land by buildings shall not exceed 40%.
      (4)   Maximum height. Maximum building height shall not exceed 45 feet or three stories, whichever is higher. Air conditioners, cooling towers, elevator penthouses, and other such appurtenances are included in the height limitation and must be enclosed within the building structure, unless screening or camouflaging of such appurtenances is approved by the Planning Commission.
      (5)   Building setbacks and the like. Building setbacks, side yards and rear yards are subject to § 154.145.
      (6)   Parking. Parking shall be as required by §§ 154.405 through 154.409.
      (7)   Recreation. Recreation facilities shall be provided as defined in § 154.546(B)(2)(e).
   (B)   Retail business. The following regulations will apply to any retail business in the great Oaks Mixed Use District.
      (1)   All uses allowed in C-3, C-4 and C-5 commercial districts are permitted.
      (2)   Area and height regulations shall be as required in §§ 154.190 through 154.197, 154.210 through 154.218, and 154.230 through 154.239.
      (3)   Off-street parking shall be as required in §§ 154.405 through 154.409.
      (4)   Signs as permitted in §§ 154.470 through 154.486.
('65 Code, § 1349.04) (Am. Ord. 97-113, passed 11-18-97; Am. Ord. 98-072, passed 7-21-98)