(A)   All uses permitted by § 154.191 shall be permitted only after the review and approval of the site plans by the Planning Commission according to § 154.070 and upon a finding by the Commission that the requirements of that section as well as all other applicable regulations of the Code of Ordinances will be met.
   (B)   Planned commercial development provisions of § 154.072 may be enforced by the Commission if:
      (1)   The proposed development is located in an undeveloped area of the C-3 District, which has 150 feet or more of street frontage on any one street; or
      (2)   The proposed development is larger than one gross acre; or
      (3)   The Commission determines that the provisions must be enforced to provide for orderly development of the area and to prevent undue traffic hazards.
('65 Code, § 1339.06)