§ 154.191  PERMITTED USES.
   (A)   All permitted uses as specified in C-1 districts.
   (B)   Art, photo, stationery, notion, toy and gift sales.
   (C)   Barber and beauty shops.
   (D)   Clothing, apparel and variety stores.
   (E)   Drugstore.
   (F)   Dry cleaning and laundry establishment.
   (G)   Florist shop and garden supply sales.
   (H)   Food sales, including supermarket.
   (I)   Home improvement centers.
   (J)   Preparation and processing of food and drink to be retailed on premises, including bakery, delicatessen, meat market, confectionery, restaurant, ice cream parlor, fountain, tavern.
   (K)   Shoe repair shop.
   (L)   Sporting goods sales.
   (M)   Tailor and/or dressmaker.
   (N)   Administrative, business or finance office and organization, including banks.
   (O)   Amusement and recreation, including drive-in theaters.
   (P)   Professional office and clinic.
   (Q)   Cultural, educational or religious facility.
   (R)   Cultural, educational, recreational or religious facility, maintained by government, religious institution or nonprofit organization.
   (S)   Display or showroom where merchandise sold is stored elsewhere.
   (T)   Hotel, motel, tourist home.
   (U)   Office or organization primarily engaged in accounting, architecture, advertising, art, correspondence, design, editing, engineering, insurance, photography, realty, research and other similar uses.
   (V)   Passenger-transportation agency and terminal.
   (W)   Personal services, including dry cleaning and laundry agency, barber and beauty shop, shoe repair shop, and tailor and dressmaker.
   (X)   Printing, blueprinting, newspaper printing, telegraphic service.
   (Y)   Club, lodge and fraternal organizations.
   (Z)   Radio and television broadcasting station, all towers and antenna to comply with §§ 154.495 through 154.506.
   (AA)   Household appliance and bicycle repair.
   (BB)   Automobile, truck, trailer and farm implement sales and service and storage, both new and used.
   (CC)   Drive-in establishments, including restaurants and theaters.
   (DD)   Fuel, food and goods distribution station, excluding coal and coke bulk storage.
   (EE)   Monument sales and display.
   (FF)   Motor freight garage and offices, excluding warehousing.
   (GG)   Off-street public parking lot and garage.
   (HH)   Plant greenhouse.
   (II)   Wholesale establishments.
   (JJ)   The following uses, when conducted not closer than within 50 feet of any R district.  Where the C-3 district abuts upon, but is separated from, the R districts by a street, the width of the street may be considered as part of the required setback.
      (1)   Carpenter, cabinet, upholstering, sheet metal, plumbing, heating, roofing, air conditioning, sign painting, painting and other similar establishments.
      (2)   Laundry, cleaning and dyeing plants.
      (3)   Repair services for machinery and equipment, including repair garages and specialty establishments such as motor, body and fender, radiator, motor tune-ups, muffler shops, tire repair, sales and service, including vulcanizing.
   (KK)   Sexually oriented businesses when conducted in accordance with § 154.192.
   (LL)   Other uses which are determined by the Planning Commission to be clearly similar in character to those listed in this section and in conformance with the general purpose of the district.
('65 Code, § 1339.02)  (Ord. 78-96, passed 8-20-96; Am. Ord. 97-036, passed 5-20-97)