Due to unique planning problems caused by intensive commercial development in selected areas of the city, the Planning Commission may require the implementation of the following special requirements and standards within the specific boundaries of these selected areas:
   (A)   Development Policy Plan required. All uses permitted or conditionally permitted in the C-1, C-3 and C-4 districts shall be permitted only after review and adoption by the Commission and Council of an official Development Policy Plan as a guide for development within the boundaries of the specifically defined area. Such plan may be prepared by the City or by other interested parties. Such plan shall include, but not be limited to, a plan for:
      (1)   Street and/or service roads serving the specific area;
      (2)   Location of traffic signals, driveway curb cuts, and median cuts, if applicable, serving the specific area;
      (3)   Open space within the specific area.
   (B)   Site plan review. All uses permitted or conditionally permitted in the C-1, C-3 and C-4 districts shall be permitted only after review and approval of the specific site plans by the Commission according to the standards, criteria and regulations of § 154.070 and of this section. Such site plans may be prepared and reviewed simultaneously with the preparation and adoption of a Development Policy Plan, required for this specific area.
   (C)   Discussion meeting. In addition to the procedures for site plan review in § 154.070, owners of property in the specific area being considered, or their agents, should meet with the Director of Public Service or Zoning Administrator prior to submission of a site plan to the Commission. For the purpose of the discussion meeting, a general discussion plan shall be prepared showing the relationship of any planned development to adjacent areas, locations of buildings and parking areas, internal circulation and relation to the adjacent thoroughfare system. At the discussion meeting, the Director shall inform the applicant of the recommendations of applicable land use or thoroughfare plans for the area, the intent of the Development Policy Plan and other information necessary for the preparation of an acceptable site plan.
   (D)   Additional standards. In addition to the site plan review standards in § 154.070(A), the Commission's review and action on site plans in the specified area shall also be based on the following standards.
      (1)   Curb cuts, internal drives, parking areas and pedestrian walkways shall be designed to promote safe and efficient movement within the site, between adjacent sites, and between the site and the adjacent thoroughfare system.
      (2)   A new development may be required to include construction of a frontage road, or parallel driveway or private driveway of adequate length, with intersections to connect it with specified predetermined entrance/exit points.
      (3)   Where a frontage road, parallel drive or private driveway is required, all new development shall complete enough additional length of the frontage road, parallel driveway or private driveway, including intersections, to connect it with a specified entrance/exit point on the major thoroughfare.
      (4)   Where a private driveway or private service road is permitted by the Commission, such driveway or service road may be approved with the condition that it be dedicated to the city in the future, at no cost to the city and at such time as deemed necessary to the public interest. Such driveways or service roads shall be constructed according to city standards for public streets.
      (5)   To provide access to adjacent properties or to an existing or planned parallel street or frontage drive, reciprocal easements may be required by the Commission. This mutual easement or access right shall provide access to adjacent properties and/or developments without the necessity of traveling on the public thoroughfare system.
      (6)   Under special conditions where a predetermined entrance/exit is off a development site, and a permanent private access drive is not deemed feasible by the Commission, the Commission may permit a temporary driveway. A temporary driveway will be permitted only if:
         (a)   The city obtains written assurances approved by the Director of Law that the use of such temporary drive will be abandoned when access to a planned parallel street or frontage drive or other thoroughfare is made available; and
         (b)   In the case where the new development does not include the construction of a planned parallel street, frontage road, access drive or other thoroughfare on the new development property, provisions are made that such street or drive will be constructed and, if appropriate, dedicated to the city when such street or drive is stubbed to the new development property.
      (7)   The Planning Commission may impose whatever conditions it deems necessary for orderly development, the preservation of the aesthetic quality of the area, and the general welfare of the community.
('65 Code, § 1323.30)