Chapter 12.32
Article 1. Definitions and Severability
   12.32.010   Definitions.
   12.32.015   Severability.
Article 2. Park Preservation and Permits
   12.32.020   Park and recreation facility uses requiring a permit.
   12.32.025   Application for use.
Article 3. Closure of Parks and Recreation Facilities During Designated Hours
   12.32.030   Designated hours for closure of park and recreation facilities.
   12.32.035   Exemptions.
   12.32.040   Temporary change of designated hours of closure of park and recreation facilities.
   12.32.045   Signs identifying hours of closure.
   12.32.050   Temporary closure of park and recreation facilities.
   12.32.055   Penalty.
Article 4. Prohibiting Alcoholic Beverages
   12.32.060   Purpose.
   12.32.065   Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages on city- owned parks and recreation areas prohibited.
   12.32.070   Warning signs posted.
   12.32.075   Exceptions.
   12.32.080   Penalties for violations.
Article 5. Prohibited Acts in Parks and Recreation Facilities
   12.32.085   Purpose.
   12.32.090   Camping in parks and recreation facilities prohibited.
   12.32.095   Storage of personal belongings prohibited.
   12.32.100   Tents and other enclosed temporary structures prohibited.
   12.32.105   Fires prohibited in parks.
   12.32.110   Fireworks prohibited in parks.
   12.32.115   Firearms, air guns and other weapons prohibited in parks.
   12.32.120   Commercial advertising prohibited in parks.
   12.32.125   Littering, personal waste and dumping prohibited in parks.
   12.32.130   Swimming, bathing, washing and fishing prohibited in park water features.
   12.32.135   Nudity prohibited in parks.
   12.32.140   Smoking prohibited in parks.
   12.32.145   Operation of vehicles in parks.
   12.32.150   Vandalism of park amenities prohibited.
   12.32.155   Animals in city parks.
   12.32.160   Golfing prohibited.
   12.32.165   Hazardous games and devices prohibited.
   12.32.170   Glass containers prohibited.
   12.32.175   Loud music/amplified sound prohibited.
   12.32.180   Generators and small engines prohibited.
   12.32.185   Commercial activities prohibited.
   12.32.190   Tennis and pickleball courts – prohibited activities.
   12.32.195   Prohibition of carts in park facilities.
   12.32.200   Prohibition of inflatable play structures.
Article 6. Removal and Suspension from Park and Recreation Facilities
   12.32.205   Removal from parks.
   12.32.210   Suspension from parks for disorderly conduct.
   12.32.215   Penalty.