Administration Generally; Permit Fees
1440.01   Appointment of Building Inspectors.
1440.02   Residential building permit fees and zoning permit fees.
1440.03   Plumbing permit fees. (Repealed)
1440.04   Heating and air conditioning permit fees. (Repealed)
1440.05   Electrical permit fees. (Repealed)
1440.06   Fee exempted organizations; Mayor's duties.
1440.07   Division of Building Inspection and plan review fees; moving of structures; prohibited use of contractor's registration or name.
   Required submission of plans of public buildings - see Ohio R.C. 3791.04
   Fees for plan inspection - see Ohio R.C. 3791.07
   Scope of building permits - see P. & Z. 1246.04
   Building permits and certificates of occupancy required - see P. & Z. 1262.04
   Building permits in I-3 Districts - see P. & Z. 1270.17 (j)
   Building permits in cluster subdivisions - see P. & Z. 1278.09
   Permit fee for projections over public property - see B. & H. 1470.02
   Permit fee to remove, raze or demolish - see B. & H. 1472.02
   Floodplain development permits - see B. & H. 1460.13