(a)   Application Information. A person desiring to create a cluster subdivision shall apply to the Administrative Officer for a building permit and a certificate of occupancy for such subdivision. The application shall be accompanied by a map or plat of the proposed cluster subdivision showing:
(1)   The dimensions and location of all existing and proposed buildings, driveways, off-street parking areas, topography, abutting streets and highways and other features within 200 feet of the property lines of the parcel.
(2)   Architectural plans for all proposed buildings, walls and fences.
(3)   Plans or reports showing the proposed collection treatment and disposal of sewage produced on the area of the cluster subdivision.
(4)   Additional data which may be required by the Planning Commission and Council to judge the subdivision and its effect upon the surrounding area and the City.
   (b)   Findings of Planning Commission. The Administrative Officer shall convey such plans and reports presented by the applicant to the City Planning Commission, which shall make a study thereof and present its findings thereon to Council.
   (c)   Decision of Council. Upon receipt of the findings of the Commission, Council shall study the same and, if concurring therewith, shall direct the Administrative Officer to issue the building permit and the certificate of occupancy to the applicant. Such certificate of occupancy may contain conditions attached thereto by Council as it deems necessary in the best interest of the City and such certificate shall be revoked if such conditions are not followed.
(Ord. 66-103. Passed 12-19-66.)