Administration and Enforcement
1105.01   Purpose.
1105.02   Responsibilities of the Zoning Inspector.
1105.03   Proceedings of the Planning Commission.
1105.04   Responsibilities of the Planning Commission.
1105.05   Proceedings of the Building and Zoning Appeals Board.
1105.06   Responsibilities of the Building and Zoning Appeals Board.
1105.07   Appeals; duties of City officials and courts.
1105.08   Appeal procedures and requirements.
1105.09   Appeals; procedure outlined.
1105.10   Stay of proceedings.
1105.11   Zoning permit required.
1105.12   Zoning permit application.
1105.13   Zoning permit approval.
1105.14   Submission to Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation.
1105.15   Zoning permit expiration.
1105.16   Certificate of occupancy.
1105.17   Contents of certificate of occupancy.
1105.18   Temporary certificate of occupancy.
1105.19   Record of zoning permits and certificates of occupancy.
1105.20   Failure to obtain a zoning permit or certificate of occupancy.
1105.21   Construction and use in applications, plans, permits and certificates.
1105.22   Complaints regarding violations.
1105.23   Schedule of fees, charges and expenses.
1105.24   Conditional uses.
1105.25   Application for a conditional use permit.
1105.26   General standards for conditional uses.
1105.27   Supplementary conditions and safeguards.
1105.28   Public hearing by the Building and Zoning Appeals Board.
1105.29   Notice of public hearing in newspaper.
1105.30   Notice to parties of interest.
1105.31   Action by the Building and Zoning Appeals Board.
1105.32   Expiration of a conditional use permit.
1105.33   Variances.
1105.34   Application and standards for variances.
1105.35   Supplementary conditions and safeguards.
1105.36   Public hearing by the Building and Zoning Appeals Board.
1105.37   Notice of public hearing in newspaper.
1105.38   Notice to parties in interest.
1105.39   Action by Board of Building and Zoning Appeals.
Planning Commission - see CHTR. Sec. 4.06
Building and Zoning Appeals Board - see CHTR. Sec. 4.06
Appeals from zoning decisions - see Ohio R.C. 713.11
Violation of zoning ordinances - see Ohio R.C. 713.13