Park and Recreation Regulations
   EDITOR’S NOTE: The Rules and Regulations of the Municipal Swimming Pool are on file in the Mayor’s office, with the Recreation Board and at the Municipal Swimming Pool.
925.01   Definitions.
925.02   Parks and recreation fees.
925.03   Use of Municipal facilities.
925.04   Specialized program fees.
925.05   Refunds.
      Land appropriation for parks - see Ohio R.C. 715.21, 719.01
      Authority to establish and maintain a municipal swimming pool - see Ohio R.C. 717.01, 755.12
      Playgrounds - see Ohio R.C. 755.12 et seq.
      Power to regulate vehicle speed in parks - see Ohio R.C. 4511.07(E)
      Department of Parks and Recreation - see ADM. Ch. 135