72.01   General parking regulations
   72.02   Stopping, standing, or parking in certain places prohibited
   72.03   Stopping, standing, or parking outside business or residence district
   72.04   Officers authorized to remove vehicles
   72.05   Unattended motor vehicles
   72.06   Persons with disabilities exempt from certain parking regulations
   72.07   Duty of lessor of vehicle on notice of violation of this chapter
   72.08   Ervin Park
   72.09   Parking in alleys
   72.10   Parking on private property
   72.11   Vehicles prohibited from parking on public roadways
   72.12   Community building and senior center parking
   72.13   Parking vehicles for sale; peddling from vehicles
   72.14   Parking in cab or bus stands
   72.15   Standing or parking vehicles for hire
   72.16   Towing and storage of illegally parked vehicles
Parking for the Physically Handicapped
   72.20   Handicapped access
   72.21   Location and installation of signs
   72.22   Accessibility standards
   72.99   Penalty