Planned Unit Development Districts and Regulations
1268.01   Intent and objectives.
1268.02   Permitted uses; categories of PUDs.
1268.03   Area, density and lot regulations.
1268.04   Interior streets.
1268.05   Collector streets and major thoroughfares.
1268.06   Off-street parking.
1268.07   Common open space.
1268.08   Open space preservation and development.
1268.09   Pedestrian, bicycle circulation.
1268.10   Underground utilities required.
1268.11   Privacy.
1268.12   Erosion and sedimentation control.
1268.13   Subdivision review; conflicts.
1268.14   Establishment of PUD.
1268.15   Pre-application conference recommended.
1268.16   PUD application Step 1: application for general plan approval and amendment of official Zoning Map.
1268.17   General plan approval, amendment of official Zoning Map.
1268.18   Revision of approved general plan.
1268.19   PUD application Step 2: final development plan.
1268.20   Conditions for approval of final development plan.
1268.21   Final development plan approval.
1268.22   PUD application Step 3: record plan.
1268.23   Failure to begin or continue Planned Unit Development.
1268.24   Revision of approved final development plan.
1268.25   Phasing.
1268.26   Administrative remedy for failure to conform to final development plan.