Supplementary Regulations Applicable to Specific Uses
1258.01   Parking and storage of recreational equipment, recreational vehicles, and trailers.
1258.02   Home occupations.
1258.03   Overnight parking of oversized vehicles.
1258.04   Accessory buildings, structures and uses.
1258.05   Filling stations, public garages, and parking lots.
1258.06   Car and truck washes.
1258.07   Essential services.
1258.08   Extraction of minerals.
1258.09   Private golf courses, commercial swimming pools, and other recreational facilities.
1258.10   Child care nurseries.
1258.11   Community-oriented residential social service facilities and halfway houses.
1258.12   Independent housing alternatives for the elderly.
1258.13   Seasonal temporary sales.
1258.14   Adult entertainment facilities.
1258.15   Signs.