Supplementary Regulations Applicable to All Zoning Districts
1256.01   Minimum lot frontage, dimensions and area required.
1256.02   Traffic visibility at intersections.
1256.03   Reduction of area or space.
1256.04   Principal buildings per lot.
1256.05   Exception to height limits for non- habitable structures.
1256.06   Lot area requirements without utilities.
1256.07   Requirements for corner lots.
1256.08   Yards required for through lots.
1256.09   Front yard exceptions and modifications.
1256.10   Architectural projections into required yards.
1256.11   Fences, walls, and hedges.
1256.12   Screening of trash storage areas.
1256.13   Uses not specifically mentioned.
1256.14   Medical marijuana cultivators, processors and retail dispensary establishments prohibited.