General Provisions
   52.001   Definitions
   52.002   Unsanitary deposit of objectionable waste prohibited
   52.003   Discharge of sewage and polluted waters into natural outlet prohibited; exception
   52.004   Privies and cesspools prohibited; exception
   52.005   Toilet facilities and connection with sewer required
   52.006   Owner responsible for all costs and expenses
   52.007   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors
   52.008   Preliminary treatment and flow- equalizing facilities to be maintained by owner
   52.009   Damage or tampering prohibited
   52.010   Connection from building sewer to sanitary sewer; license and bond required
Private Sewage Disposal System
   52.025   Requirements
   52.026   Permit fee
   52.027   Inspection
   52.028   Type, capacity, location, layout
   52.029   Abandonment required when public sewer available
   52.030   Sanitary operation required, no expense to village
   52.031   Provisions not to interfere with requirements of health officer
   52.032   Connection to public sewer
   52.045   Required before disturbing sewers or appurtenances
   52.046   Class, application, fee
Building Sewers
   52.060   Separate required; exception
   52.061   Use of old sewers
   52.062   Specifications
   52.063   Connection below basement floor elevation required; exception
   52.064   Connection of surface runoff prohibited
   52.065   Connection to building sewer to conform to certain codes and specifications
   52.066   Inspection
   52.067   Excavations
   52.068   License; bond
Discharge Regulations
   52.080   Stormwater discharge into sanitary sewer prohibited
   52.081   Stormwater discharge into storm sewer or approved natural outlet
   52.082   Harmful waters and waste discharge prohibited
   52.083   Harmful waters and waste discharge subject to approval
   52.084   Action by Superintendent
Right of Entry
   52.095   Authorized for inspection and testing
   52.096   Liability for damage or injury
   52.097   Easements
   52.999   Penalty