Food Licenses and Fees
1719.01   License required.
1719.02   Application for license.
1719.03   When order for license may be issued.
1719.04   Issue of order for license without investigation.
1719.05   Form of license; fees.
1719.06   Record of license.
1719.07   Revocation of license.
1719.08   License shall be displayed.
1719.09   Medical examination of food handlers.
1719.99   Penalty.
   Food processing places and service operations to be kept sanitary - see Ohio R.C. 913.41 et seq.
   License regulations - see Ohio R.C. 3732.03 et seq.
   Food service operations - see OAC Ch. 3701-21
   Frozen desserts license - see HLTH. 1721.02 et seq.
   Food establishments - see Appendix A of this Title