Sec. 9-4.2804.  Authority of the Community Development Director to approve permit applications.
   (a)   The Community Development Director, or the Director’s designee, shall have decision-making authority over the following permit applications:
   (1)   Development permits and planned development permits, where the proposed development complies with all of the conditions and limitations set forth in this chapter, and the guidelines and standards adopted pursuant to Section 9-4.1806 of this chapter;
   (2)   Residential planned development permits for the approval of construction plans for four (4) or fewer single-family detached dwellings within the Residential Planned Development (R-P-D) Zones;
   (3)   Precise plan of design applications filed pursuant to Article 18 of this chapter, except where Planning Commission review is required by said Article;
   (4)   Special use permits for the uses indicated in the Permitted Use Matrices in Sec. 9-4.2104 and Sec. 9-4.2105 of this chapter, as allowed by the applicable regulations of the underlying zone.
   (5)   Minor modifications to approved permits and variances, including time extensions as authorized by Section 9-4.2812(e) of this article.
   Provided, however, that any such application which is considered by the Director to present a policy or precedent-setting matter shall be referred to the Commission for determination.
   (b)   Prior to rendering a decision on any application for a permit listed in subsection (a) of this section, a notice of application shall be provided as required by Sec. 9-12.202 of this title.
   (c)   If a written statement opposing the application or requesting a public hearing is submitted to the Community Development Department prior to the proposed decision date as set forth in the notice of application, the Director shall not proceed with rendering a decision on the date specified in the notice of application, but shall instead schedule and hold at least one public hearing on the application in accordance with the provisions of this article.  Notice of the hearing shall be provided in the manner required by Section 9-12.202 of this title.
   (d)   The term “Director” as used in this article shall mean the Community Development Director or the Director’s designee, including an administrative hearing officer designated by the Director.
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