A.   Inspection: No person shall drive, stop or park, nor shall any owner or person in possession cause or knowingly permit to be driven, stopped or parked on any street or alley within the city any vehicle which is required under the laws of the state to be inspected, unless such vehicle has been inspected and has attached thereto, in proper position, a valid and unexpired certificate of inspection as required by the laws of the state. (1989 Code § 7-1-19, 9-20-1988)
   B.   Registration; Certificate:
      1.   Every vehicle at all times while being driven, stopped or parked upon the streets or alleys of this city shall be registered in the name of the owner thereof in accordance with the laws of the state, unless such vehicle is not required by the laws to be registered in this state, and shall display in proper position valid and unexpired registration plates or indicia of registration, meeting the requirements of the laws of the state, clear and distinct and free from defacement, mutilation, grease and other obscuring matter, so as to be plainly visible and legible at all times; provided, however, if such vehicle is not required to be registered in this state, the indicia of registration issued by another state, territory, possession or district of the United States or a foreign country, substantially complying with the provisions hereof, shall be considered as compliance with this code. (1989 Code § 7-1-20, 9-20-1988)
      2.   The current, valid registration certificate of every motor vehicle shall at all times be carried in the vehicle to which it refers or shall be carried by the person driving or in control of such vehicle who shall display the same upon demand of a police officer. (1989 Code § 7-1-21, 9-20-1988)