A.   Definitions: For the purposes of this section:
   LOW PROFILE MOTORIZED VEHICLE: Any motorized vehicle that:
      1.   Is not regulated by the state or by any other city code provision;
      2.   Is not otherwise permitted upon the highways or sidewalks; and
      3.   Is less than thirty six inches (36") in height when in its normal operating position, notwithstanding any flag, antenna or other device attached, or modifications made thereto.
This definition includes, but is not limited to, "pocket bikes", or miniature motorcycles, and "go-carts".
   B.   Proscription: It is unlawful for any person to operate a low profile motorized vehicle upon any public property within the city. It is unlawful for an adult, parent or guardian to allow a minor to operate such a vehicle on public property within the city.
   C.   Penalty: A violation of this section is a class C misdemeanor and is punishable as such. (Ord. 2005-01, 1-4-2005)