A.   Regulations: Vehicles with a gross weight of sixteen thousand (16,000) pounds or more, any semitractor or semitrailer or any vehicle carrying explosives, corrosives or flammable substances are hereby declared restricted vehicles. All restricted vehicles shall be driven only upon state highways, including the interstate system within the city limits, deviating therefrom only when necessary to traverse another street when necessary for loading, unloading or servicing, and then only departing from the said state highway route at the nearest reasonable and practicable point; however, no such vehicle shall be loaded, unloaded or serviced upon any street or part of street if there is usable off street loading, unloading or servicing space available. Subject to the exceptions in subsection B of this section, no restricted vehicle or vehicle which normally carries corrosive or flammable substances, even though they may be empty at the time, shall be parked for any period of time anywhere within the city limits.
   B.   Exceptions:
      1.   Construction vehicles when retained for work in said area;
      2.   School buses;
      3.   Recreational trailers or motor homes; and
      4.   Sunset City resident operated semitractor, without trailer, may park at the semitractor operator's place of residence only after obtaining the required permit from the business licensing department.
         a.   "Semitractor" is defined as any vehicle that has at least three (3) axles and is of the type commonly used for commercial transport purposes.
         b.   Semitractor's bed (if applicable) must be unloaded.
         c.   Only one semitractor allowed per property.
         d.   No on street parking.
         e.   No washing or maintenance of tractor on the premises or on the street.
         f.   Engine may only idle for five (5) minutes before leaving the premises.
         g.   Renters must provide city with letter of permission from property owner to park on the property.
         h.   Semitractor parking permit must be obtained annually and expires December 31 of each year.
         i.   Permit may be revoked for any violation of this chapter. (Ord. 2010-05, 5-4-2010)