TITLE ONE -    General Provisions
Chap. 101.    Codified Ordinances.
Chap. 103.    Official Standards.
Chap. 105.    Continuity of Government.
Chap. 107.    Open Meetings.
Chap. 109.    Public Records; Records Commission; Microfilming Board.
Chap. 111.    Minority Business Enterprise Policy.
Chap. 113.    Miscellaneous Fees.
Chap. 115.    Administrative Services Organization.
Chap. 117.    Ethics. (Repealed)
Chap. 119.    Sanitary Sewer Services Department Moral Claims Policy.
Chap. 119A.   Environmental Services Sewer Backup Cleaning and Sanitation Claims.
TITLE THREE -    Legislative
Chap. 121.    County Council.
Chap. 123.    Legislative Oversight.
Chap. 125.    Annexation and Public Improvement Procedures.
Chap. 127.    Initiative and Referendum.
Chap. 129.   Charter Review Commission.
TITLE FIVE -    Executive and Administrative
Chap. 130.    County Executive.
Chap. 131.    Director, Department of Law and Risk Management
Chap. 132.    Auditor. (see also Chapter 134 Fiscal Officer)
Chap. 133.    Board of Revision.
Chap. 134.    Fiscal Officer.
Chap. 135.    Clerk of Common Pleas Court.
Chap. 136.    Medical Examiner.
Chap. 137.    County Engineer.
Chap. 138.    Prosecuting Attorney.
Chap. 139.    Volunteer Peace Officers' Dependents Fund Board.
Chap. 140.    Reports.
Chap. 141.    Planning Commission.
Chap. 142.    Department of Community and Economic Development.
Chap. 143.    Community Development Block Grant Review Committee.
Chap. 144.    Community Improvement Corporation.
Chap. 145.    Urban Jobs and Enterprise Zone.
Chap. 145A.   Family Workforce Development Commission.
Chap. 146.    County Information Technology Advisory Committee..
Chap. 147.    Litter Control Board.
Chap. 148.    Social Services Advisory Board.
Chap. 148A.    County Land Reutilization Corporation.
Chap. 149.    Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Board.
Chap. 150.    Developmental Disabilities Board.
Chap. 151.    Children Services Board.
Chap. 152.    Edwin Shaw Hospital Board.
Chap. 153.    Summit Family and Children First Council.
Chap. 154.    Summit County Child Fatality Review Board.
Chap. 155.    Veterans Service Commission.
Chap. 156.    General Relief Project Self-Sufficiency Policy Board.
Chap. 157.    Board of Education.
Chap. 157A.   Community Improvements Board.
Chap. 158.    Soil and Water Conservation District Board.
Chap. 159.    Agricultural District.
Chap. 160.    Summit Quality Upward Apprentice Advancement and Development Department (SQUAADD). (Repealed)
Chap. 161.    Criminal Justice Advisory Board.
Chap. 162.    Criminal Justice Operations Commission.
Chap. 162A.   Facility Governing Board.
Chap. 163.    County of Summit Special Operations Response Teams Executive Board.
Chap. 163A.   Pipeline Emergency Response Fund.
Chap. 164.    Metro Regional Transit Authority Board of Trustees.
Chap. 164A.   Development Finance Authority.
Chap. 165.    Summit-Akron Solid Waste Management Authority.
Chap. 166.    General Health District Board.
Chap. 167.    Handbills, Signs and Other Advertisements.
Chap. 168.    Personnel Appeals Board. (Repealed)
Chap. 169.    Personnel Policies and Procedures.
Chap. 169A.   Cost Savings Days.
Chap. 170.    Postponement of Taxes and Assessments.
TITLE SEVEN -    Finance
Chap. 171.    Tax Assistance Program (TAP).
Chap. 171A.   Workers Compensation Cost Allocation.
Chap. 173.    Delinquent Real Estate Tax Payment Plans.
Chap. 174.   Current Real Estate Tax Installment Payment Plan.
Chap. 175.    Real Property Tax Escrow.
Chap. 177.    Board of Control; Contract Procedures.
Chap. 179.    Investment Advisory Board.
Chap. 181.    Linked Deposit Program.
Chap. 183.    Uniform Budget Process; Budget Commission.
Chap. 185.    Local Government Revenue Assistance Fund.
Chap. 187.    Five-Year Projections.
Chap. 189.    Debt Service Policy.
Chap. 190.    County Note Program.
Chap. 191.    Industrial Development Bonds.
Chap. 193.    Campaign Contributions.
Chap. 195.    Financial Matters Generally.
Chap. 196.    Revolving Loan Fund Committee.
Chap. 197.    Funds.
Chap. 198.    Procurement Card.
Chap. 199.    Payments by Financial Transaction Device.
TITLE NINE -    Consumer Affairs
Chap. 201.    Office of Consumer Affairs.