Sewers Generally
921.01   Purpose and policy.
921.02   Private sewage disposal.
921.03   Sewer connections.
921.04   Limiting sewer connections.
921.05   Use of public sewers; prohibited waters and wastes.
921.06   Pretreatment of wastes for public sewers.
921.07   Damage to sewage works.
921.08   Powers of inspectors for inspection and testing.
921.09   Fees credited to Sewer Revenue Fund.
921.10   Appeal procedures; hearing and decision.
921.11   Violations.
921.99   Penalty.
Sewer districts; County sewers - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 6117
Industrial pretreatment violations and enforcement - see ENV. SERV. 925.16 et seq.
Definitions - see ENV. SERV. Ch. 920