Fees and User Charge System
923.01   User charges.
923.02   Surcharge.
923.03   Billing charge.
923.04   Billing.
923.05   Tap-in fee.
923.06   Permit fee.
923.06A   The Clinton Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project voluntary connection program.
923.07   Construction service fee.
923.08   Sewer maintenance fee.
923.09   Industrial pretreatment charges; administrative fines and fees.
923.10   Sewer layer registration fee.
923.11   Homestead exemption. (Repealed)
923.12   Other charges.
923.13   Annual notice to user of rate and treatment charges.
923.14   Property seller to supply statement of status of sewer bill.
923.15   Escrow agent not to disburse funds without statement.
923.16   Right of buyer or transferee.
Water fees and user charges - see ENV. SERV. Ch. 913
Fees credited to Sewer Revenue Fund - see ENV. SERV. 921.09
Definitions - see ENV. SERV. Ch. 920