General Provisions
   53.001   Definitions
   53.002   City sewer system; supervision
   53.003   Duties
   53.004   When connection required
   53.005   Unsanitary deposits prohibited
   53.006   Disposal of wastewater to storm sewers or natural outlet prohibited
   53.007   Private wastewater disposal systems and the like prohibited
   53.008   Responsibility; breakage of lines
   53.009   Right of entry
   53.010   Right to information
   53.011   Entry onto certain easements
   53.012   Damage; disorderly conduct
Building Sewers and Connections
   53.025   Authority to use, alter or make connection
   53.026   Building sewer permit; classes
   53.027   Responsibility for cost; indemnification of city
   53.028   Separate connections; adjoining properties
   53.029   Use of existing building sewers for new buildings
   53.030   Technical specifications
   53.031   Building sewer elevation
   53.032   Inspection
   53.033   Excavations
   53.034   Abandoned sewer lines
   53.035   Connections outside city
   53.036   Extension of public infrastructure to accommodate individual service connections
Sanitary Sewer System Use Regulations
   53.050   Prohibited drainage in sanitary sewers
   53.051   Storm sewers and natural outlets
   53.052   Discharges prohibited into public sewers
   53.053   Limited discharges in public sewers
   53.054   Discretionary authority of Director
   53.055   Interceptors
   53.056   Drains in public garages and wash racks
   53.057   Pretreatment or flow equalization
   53.058   Manholes
   53.059   Information needed for compliance
   53.060   Sampling and testing
   53.061   Special arrangements
Service Charges
   53.075   Purpose
   53.076   Determining the total annual cost of operation and maintenance
   53.077   Sewer tap permit
   53.078   Sewer tap fees
   53.079   Sewer connection fees
   53.080   Industrial waste permit fees
   53.081   Sewer use charge
   53.082   Wastewater treatment system service fee
   53.083   Wastewater treatment repair and maintenance fee
   53.084   Billing
   53.085   Property owner service fee responsibility
   53.086   Wastewater customers outside the city limits
Private Wastewater Disposal
   53.095   Private disposal
   53.096   Bulk users
   53.097   Permit
   53.098   Inspection
   53.099   Compliance with state and county requirements
   53.100   Sewer connections; availability of public sewer
   53.101   Operation and maintenance
   53.102   Additional requirements
Storm Sewer Maintenance Fund
   53.115   Generally
   53.116   Purpose
   53.117   Storm sewer maintenance fee assessment
   53.999   Penalty