(A)   The Director may require a customer of sewer services to provide information needed to determine compliance with this chapter.
   (B)   These requirements may include:
      (1)   Wastewaters discharge peak rate and volume over a specified time period;
      (2)   Chemical analyses of wastewaters;
      (3)   Information on raw materials, processes and products affecting wastewater volume and quality;
      (4)   Quantity and disposition of specific liquid, sludge, oil, solvent or other materials important to sewer use control;
      (5)   A plot plan of sewers of the customer's property showing sewer and pretreatment facility location;
      (6)   Details of wastewater pretreatment facilities; and
      (7)   Details of systems to prevent and control the losses of materials through spills to the municipal sewer.
(Ord. 30, passed 8-21-2008)