Property Taxes and Assessments
   38.001   Annual tax to be levied
   38.002   Ten year lien
   38.003   Homestead exemption for elderly and disabled approved
   38.004   Extent of exemption for elderly or disabled
   38.005   Furnishing qualifying information to state
   38.006   Maintenance to tax records
   38.007   Back-taxing unreported property
   38.008   Protection of town’s tax lien at Sheriff’s sale
   38.009   Protection of town’s lien on removal, bankruptcy or judgment
   38.010   Remedy when taxpayer questions taxes
   38.011   County officials as town’s agents in collecting taxes and the like
   38.012   Actions at law or attachments for collection of taxes
Delinquent Taxes on Real Estate
   38.025   Levy and sale of real property for delinquent taxes and the like
   38.026   Notice to certain mortgage owners
   38.027   Seizure and sale under execution
   38.028   Redemption of real estate
   38.029   Sheriff’s deed prima facie evidence of good title
Delinquent Personal Property Taxes
   38.040   Levy and sale of personal property for taxes
   38.041   Driving motor vehicle upon which taxes are delinquent
   38.042   Real estate transfer fee discontinued
Local Accommodations Fee
   38.055   Definition
   38.056   Fee
   38.057   Accommodations Fee Fund
   38.058   Enforcement
   38.059   Violations
Hospitality Tax
   38.070   Established
   38.071   Collection/enforcement
   38.072   Hospitality tax account
   38.073   Violation
Delinquent Debt
   38.085   Delinquent debt fee
   38.999   Penalty