Fees and Permit Charges
149.01   Payment of fees.
149.02    Building schedule of fees, commercial and industrial.
149.03   Commercial plans examination.
149.04    Building schedule of fees for one, two and three family residential andagricultural.
149.05    Inspection fees and extraordinary and supplemental inspection and time charges.
149.06    Fee formula. (Repealed)
149.07   City property fees.
149.08   Sign fees.
149.09   Work started without a permit.
149.10    Subdivision schedule of fees.
149.11    Zoning schedule of fees.
149.12    Zoning certificate fees.
149.13    Various fees for ordinances, books, maps, tapes and copies.
149.14   Contractor registration fee.
149.15   Park and recreation fee for new construction developments.
149.16      Bad check fee.
149.17      Park Pavilion rental fees.
149.18      Preconstruction meeting fee.
149.19   Charges for professional service- nonresidential.
         Zoning administration - see P. & Z. Title One
         Subdivision procedure -see P. & Z. Ch. 1175 et seq.