Adoption of Uniform Codes
   152.01   State building code adopted
   152.02   State plumbing code adopted
   152.03   National electrical code adopted
   152.04   Administration of codes
Buildings and Permit Fees
   152.10   Building or remodeling permit required
   152.11   Display
   152.12   Fee schedule
   152.13   Deposit to insure waste removal after construction
   152.14   Expiration of permit
   152.15   Exterior of a building to be completed within time of permit
Permits for Signs and Billboards
   152.20   Permits for erection of billboards
Wrecking, Razing or Moving Buildings
   152.30   Permit required to wreck, raze or move a building
   152.31   Application and issuance of permit
   152.32   Deposit to insure removal of debris caused by wrecking
   152.33   Removal of debris and grading of land
Obstructions to Cross Visibility at Intersections
   152.40   Where requirements applicable
   152.41   Area within which obstructions to vision forbidden
   152.42   Exceptions
   152.43   Abatement procedures
Binding Element Enforcement
   152.50   Definitions
   152.51   Intent and enforcement of binding elements
   152.52   Authority of the Planning Commission/St. Matthews
   152.53   Form of citations and issuance
   152.54   Hearings before Planning Commission
   152.55   Appeal of Planning Commission
   152.56   Payment of fines
   152.57   Civil action
   152.99   Penalty