General Provisions
901.01   Permit required to open  or grade street.
901.02   Permit required to erect structure on or pave street or sidewalk.
901.03   Regulations governing work.
901.04   Repair and relaying of sidewalks.
901.05   Sweeping debris in street or sidewalk.
901.06   Duty to remove injurious material from street or sidewalk.
901.07   Duty of owners to keep sidewalks and public areas clean.
901.08   Duty to remove snow and ice; keep gutters unobstructed.
901.081   Sidewalk areas in Olde Main Plaza.  (Repealed)
901.09   Planting or erecting shrub or structure.
901.10   Street Commissioner's power to trim or remove.
901.11   Awnings.
901.12   Roller skating on sidewalk.
901.99   Penalty.
Public ways - see CHTR. §39
Public improvements - see CHTR. §43