It shall be the duty of all property owners and of the agents of any nonresident owners to repair or relay any sidewalks abutting upon the property owned by him or in his charge or to repair or relay the same whenever required by an order of Council within thirty days after receiving written notice from Council requiring him to repair or relay such sidewalk. Such sidewalk shall be repaired or relaid by the owner according to the rules and regulations and specifications adopted or prescribed by Council. If any property owner fails or refuses to repair or relay any such sidewalk within thirty days after the receipt of the written notice aforesaid, Council may, in addition to any other penalty or obligation imposed by law upon a property owner, proceed to repair or relay such sidewalk and may levy and collect the expense thereof, with interest, after a demand of thirty days has been made by the City Clerk to the owner or agent of such property after the completion of the work, which cost and interest shall be collected and if not paid, shall become a lien on the abutting property so improved.
(1967 Code §19-4)