Human Rights Commission
159.01   Declaration of policy.
159.02   Definitions.
159.03   Human Rights Commission  created; powers and duties.
159.04   Composition; appointment; term; compensation; vacancies.
159.05   Organization; executive director; personnel; quorum; budget.
159.06   Assistance; legal services.
159.07   Powers and duties.
159.08   Unlawful discriminatory practices.
159.09   Complaint, hearing procedures; issuance of cease and desist order.
159.10   Enforcement of cease and desist order.
159.11   Exclusiveness of remedy.
159.12   Construction of provisions.
159.13   Exemption of employment records.
159.14   Posting of regulations.
159.15   Injunctions in certain housing  complaints.
159.16   Exemption of private clubs.
159.99   Penalty.
Human Rights Act - see W. Va. Code Art. 5-11
Authority to prohibit housing discrimination - see W. Va. Code 8-12-9