Planning Commission
151.01   Creation.
151.02   Purpose.
151.03   Composition and membership; vacancies.
151.04   Original appointments.
151.05   Officers.
151.06   Offices, facilities and expenses.
151.07   Meetings; quorum.
151.08   Powers and duties.
151.09   Chapter 8A of West Virginia Code adopted.
Authority to establish - see W. Va. Code 8A-2-1
Composition; organization - see W. Va. Code 8A-2-3
Powers and duties - see W. Va. Code 8A-2-11
Preparation of comprehensive plan - see W. Va. Code 8A-3-3
Approval of subdivision plats - see W. Va. Code 8A-5-8
Hearings of zoning amendments - see W. Va. Code 8A-7-9
Continued absence of members from meetings - see ADM. 147.01