Enforcement; Regulations
303.01    Definitions.
303.02    Obedience to traffic-control devices; official signs to be in proper position.
303.03    Accidents.
303.04    Driving under influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs; penalties.
303.04a   Deferral of further proceedings for certain first offenses upon condition of participation in Motor Vehicle Alcohol Test and Lock Program; procedure on charge of violation of conditions.
303.05    Reckless driving.
303.06   Speed restrictions.
303.07    Racing on streets and highways prohibited.
303.08    Driving on right side of roadway, overtaking and passing.
303.09    Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions.
303.10    Overtaking and passing vehicle proceeding in same direction; passing on the left generally.
303.11    One-way streets.
303.12    Driving on roadways laned for traffic.
303.13    Following too closely.
303.14    Driving on divided highways.
303.15    Right turns.
303.16    Left turns on two-way roadways.
303.17    Left turns on other than two-way roadways.
303.18    Turning movements and required signals.
303.19    Pedestrians.
303.20    Operation of bicycles and play vehicles.
303.21    Obedience to signal indicating approach of train.
303.22    Stopping before emerging from alley or private driveway.
303.23    Overtaking and passing school bus.
303.24    Passenger vans; passing passenger van.
303.25    Stopping, standing or parking outside of business or residence districts.
303.26    Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places; penalty.
303.26A   Parking oversized vehicles on residential street prohibited.
303.27    Right parallel parking.
303.28    Stopping, standing or parking privileges for persons with a mobility impairment.
303.29    Unattended motor vehicle.
303.30    Limitations on backing.
303.31    Obstruction to driver’s view or driving mechanism.
303.32    Passengers in seat with operator.
303.33    Passengers on running board.
303.34    Following authorized emergency vehicles.
303.35    Crossing fire hose.
303.36    Putting glass, etc., on highway.
303.37    Vehicles parked on private property.
303.38    Police officers authorized to conduct investigations on private property.
303.39    Unlawful to litter from motor vehicle.
303.40    Unsafe and improperly equipped vehicles; additional parts and accessories; special restrictions on lamps.
303.41    Sun screening devices.
303.42    Operation of vehicles with safety belts.
303.43    Operation without certificate of inspection or failure to produce certificate.
303.44    Registration; certificate of title required.
303.44a    Operation of vehicles without evidences of registration; use of temporary facsimile; penalty.
303.44b   Improper use of evidences of registration; misdemeanor; penalty.
303.45    Display of registration plates.
303.46    Drivers must be licensed; motorcycle driver license.
303.47    Unlawful use of license or nonoperator’s identification; license and nonoperator’s identification violations generally.
303.48    Driving while license suspended or revoked; driving while license revoked for driving under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs, or while having alcoholic concentration in the blood of eight hundredths of one percent or more, by weight, or for refusing to take secondary chemical test of blood alcohol contents; home detention.
303.49    Permitting unauthorized person to drive.
303.50(1)    Required security; exceptions.
303.50(2)   Certificate of insurance.
303.50(3)      Investigation by duly authorized law enforcement officer to include inquiry regarding required security; notice by officer or court to Division of Motor Vehicles.
303.50(4)      Criminal penalty.
303.51    Offenses by persons owning or controlling vehicles; owner
   present in vehicle to be arrested rather than driver for certain traffic violations.
303.52    Violations of article; penalties.
303.53   Prohibited use of an electronic communications device, driving without handheld features; definitions; exceptions; penalties.
303.54   Injuring or tampering with vehicle or special mobile equipment.
      Statutory definitions - see W. Va. Code. Art. 17C-1
      Power of local authorities - see W. Va. Code 17C-2-8