182.01   Persons liable to service.
182.02   Exemptions and disqualifications.
182.03   Jury commissioners; appointment.
182.04   Jury list.
182.05   Custody; striking off names.
182.06   Preparation and custody of ballots.
182.07   Selection of trial jurors.
182.08   Issuance of venire facias; number of jurors summoned.
182.09   Summons to jury commissioners.
182.10   Service of summons; drawing of jurors' names.
182.11   Special jury commissioners;  summoning of jurors.
182.12   Method of drawing ballots.
182.13   Endorsement on ballot drawn; notation on jury list.
182.14   When ballots to be returned to jury box.
182.15   Penalty for failure of jurors to attend.
182.16   Discharge of jurors; excuse from attendance.
182.17   Competency of jurors.
182.18   Penalty for failure to draw or summon jurors.
182.19   Compensation of jurors; taxation of jury fees as costs; disposition of fees.
182.20   When juror not entitled to  compensation.
182.21   Records; certification to City Treasurer; compliance.
182.22   Payment of compensation.
182.23   Fraud in selection of jurors.
182.24   Use of terms of gender.
Petit juries - see W. Va. Code Art. 52-1