(a)   Any business seeking to operate a shared electric scooter program within the City shall first enter into an Electric Scooter Use Agreement ("Use Agreement") from the City conditioned on compliance with the provisions of this Ordinance and any other conditions (including insurance, indemnity, and performance bond) established by Use Agreement.
   (b)   No business shall operate a shared electric scooter program within the City except pursuant to such Use Agreement and provisions (each such operator being considered a "Provider").
   (c)   Providers shall provide easily visible contact information, including toll-free phone number and/or e-mail address on each shared electric scooter for City employees and/or members of the public to make relocation requests or to report other issues with devices.
   (d)   The City reserves the right to terminate a Use Agreement for cause or woefully negligent practices that cannot be remedied after a 30-day written notice of alleged negligence and after providing such Provider a right to remedy such deficiency. Upon completion of the aforementioned, the City can require that a Provider's fleet of E-Scooters be removed from the City's right-of-way within 30 days.
   (e)   Providers will take reasonable steps to ensure that all riders understand the requirements of ADA accessibility and the importance of leaving ADA paths of travel clear and accessible.
   (f)   Providers may stage its E-Scooters in permitted parking areas described in this Chapter. To the extent a Provider desires to stage E-Scooters in areas other than the public right-of-way, the Provider must first obtain the right to do so from the City Manager's Office, property owner, or public agency.
   (g)   Provider must adhere to all indemnification and insurance requirements included in the Use Agreement. Failure to abide by requirements of this provision or the Use Agreement is grounds for revocation under paragraph (d) above.