Operators of E-Scooters must adhere to the following restrictions:
   (a)   E-Scooters cannot be operated on sidewalks except as described in Section 377.06(a).
   (b)   E-Scooters cannot be operated on streets or highways with speed limits higher than 35mph.
   (c)   E-Scooters cannot exceed 20 mph.
   (d)   E-Scooter riders must be at least 18 years of age.
   (e)   E-Scooter riders must be seated if a seat if present on the E-Scooter; if not, must be standing on a standing board.
   (f)   Not more than one rider per E-Scooter is permitted.
   (g)   Riders shall not carry items that require both hands, a rider must keep one hand on the steering handle bars at all times.
   (h)   Riders cannot operate an E-Scooter without due regard for safety, exercising reasonable and ordinary control over the device.
   (i)   Riders cannot weave or zigzag while operating an E-Scooter.