Municipal Court
171.01   Municipal Court established.
171.02   Municipal Judge; appointment, duties.
171.03   Maintenance of docket.
171.04   Term of Municipal Judge.
171.05   Powers and duties of Municipal Judge.
171.06   Sessions of court.
171.07   Warrants, orders and process.
171.08   Rules governing court and judges; maintenance of records.
171.09   Issuance of subpoenas.
171.10   Trial and disposition of cases.
171.11   Appearance bonds authorized.
171.12   Imposition and remission of fines and costs.
171.13   Appeals.
171.14   Contempt; acts punishable.
171.15   Bond amounts, conditions and forms.
171.16   Disposition and report of fines and costs.
171.17   Disturbance of proceedings.
171.18   Judge disqualified; special judge appointed.
171.19   Duplication of the record of proceedings before the Municipal Court.
171.20   Fee imposed on reinstatement of driver’s license.
171.21   Court costs and notices/summons fees.
171.99   Penalty.
      Establishment - see W.Va. Code 8-10-2
      General rights of appeal - see W.Va. Code 8-34-1
      Costs for crime victims reparation fund - see W.Va. Code 14-2A-4
      Costs for funding law enforcement training academies - see W.Va. Code 30-29-4
      Operation of a Teen Court - see W.Va. Code 49-5-13d
      Search warrant - see W.Va. Code 62-1A-1.