177.01   Declaration of policy.
177.02   Prohibition of discrimination.
177.03   Definitions.
177.04   Jury Commission
177.05   Master list.
177.06   Selection of names for jury wheel or box.
177.07   Drawings; notice of duty; qualification forms.
177.08   Disqualification from jury service.
177.09   Assignment of jurors to jury panels; additional drawing.
177.10   No exemptions.
177.11   Excuses from jury service.
177.12   Discharge of excess jurors.
177.13   Competency of jurors when City is a party.
177.14   Challenging compliance with selection procedures.
177.15   Preservation of records.
177.16   Mileage and compensation of jurors.
177.17   When juror not entitled to compensation.
177.18   Record of allowance to jurors; failure of Clerk to comply.
177.19   Payment of compensation.
177.20   Excuse from employment.
177.21   Fraud in selection of jurors.
177.22   Length of service by jurors.
177.23   Penalties for failure to perform jury service.
177.24   Present methods of jury selection to be used temporarily.
177.25   Use of terms of gender.
177.26   Alternative method of obtaining jury list.
State law provisions - see W. Va. Code Ch. 52