634.01   Definitions
   634.02   Musical instruments
   634.03   Steam whistles
   634.04   Radios, phonographs and the like
   634.05   Loudspeakers; amplifiers
   634.06   Exhausts
   634.07   Building or property use restrictions
   634.08   Restricted use of power equipment, tools and machinery in non-residentially zoned areas and in commercial construction projects within residentially zoned areas
   634.09   Motor vehicle limits
   634.10   Restricted use of power equipment, construction tools and machinery in residentially zoned area
   634.11   Permitting noise pollution
   634.12   Noise in Residential Districts or affecting residential or institutional property
   634.13   Noise in Commercial and Industrial Zoning Districts
   634.14   Noise from mobile noise sources
   634.15   Noise in places used for entertainment
   634.16   Quiet zones
   634.17   Compliance with zoning district performance standards
   634.18   Noise level measurements
   634.19   Zoning district restrictions; construction site exceptions
   634.20   Motor vehicle horns and signal devices
   634.21   Test procedures for power equipment and hand tools
   634.22   Test procedures for motor vehicles and zoning districts
   634.23   Nuisance abatement; legal proceedings
   634.24   Common-law nuisance remedy unimpaired
   Barking or howling dogs, see § 618.07
   Light motor vehicle noise control, see Ch. 446
   Noise control in loading zones, see § 452.09
   Noisy mufflers, see § 438.21
   Peace disturbances, see Ch. 648
   “Peeling;” cracking exhaust noises, see § 432.35
   Regulation of noise near state institutions, see R.C. § 3767.19