(a)   No person shall own, harbor or keep in custody a dog which disturbs the peace by barking, yelping, howling or making other loud noises to the annoyance and/or discomfort of any person. Continuous barking, yelping, howling and/or making other loud noises for 15 consecutive minutes by the dog, whether confined inside a residence or building or to the outside area, shall be deemed to have disturbed the peace and to have caused the annoyance and discomfort of persons; provided, that at the time of the complaint, no person or persons were trespassing or threatening to trespass upon the private property of the owner, and provided that the dog was not being teased or provoked in any manner.
   (b)   Any person who shall allow any dog habitually to remain, be lodged or fed within any dwelling, building, yard or enclosure owned or occupied by the person shall be considered as harboring or keeping the dog.
   (c)   Upon an initial complaint, an enforcement officer shall warn the person in writing of the violation. Upon a second such complaint within 30 days, the enforcement officer shall charge the person with a violation of this section.
   (d)   Division (a) of this section does not apply to owners, operators or employees of licensed veterinary hospitals, licensed kennels or licensed animal boarding establishments, nor does this section apply to blind, deaf or hearing impaired, or mobility impaired persons when the dog serves as an assistance dog.
   (e)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.