A building or premises may be used for the following purposes in the C commercial district if a conditional use permit for that use has been obtained in conformance with the requirements in §§ 158.370 through 158.382:
   (a)   Drive-in theater;
   (b)   Warehouse/mini-warehouse;
   (c)   Bar, lounge or adult use;
   (d)   Equipment sales, display and repair;
   (e)   Motor vehicle sales, display, service and rental;
   (f)   Auto body shop;
   (g)   Transportation, including gasoline service station, truck stop and terminal;
   (h)   Recycling facility;
   (i)   Uses which store or handle a regulated substance;
   (j)   Lumberyard;
   (k)   Contractor’s shop and storage yard;
   (l)   Car wash;
   (m)   Airport/heliport;
   (n)   Hospital;
   (o)   Hotel or motel;
   (p)   Motor vehicle repair shop;
   (q)   Public utility facility;
   (r)   Campground;
   (s)   Commercial recreation facility;
   (t)   Wind energy conversion system in conformance with § 158.272;
   (u)   Broadcast tower;
   (v)   Electrical substation;
   (w)   Telecommunications tower;
   (x)   Off-premises signs in conformance with §§ 158.330 through 158.335; and
   (y)   Crematory.
(1992 Code, App. F, § 9.04)  (Ord. 10-06, passed 1-23-2006)