All commercial garbage haulers, as a condition of licensure under § 57.065, must offer a minimum of two levels of service, as follows:
   (a)   Curbside service. Under curbside service, collection service occurs at the place designated for collection in § 57.023(b) above. It is the owner, occupant, or manager's responsibility to move or cause to be moved all containers to and from this designated place in accordance with § 57.023.
   (b)   Valet service. Under valet service, collection service occurs at the structure. The owner, occupant, or manager places all containers directly adjacent to the structure in a place reasonably accessible to the commercial garbage hauler. It is the commercial garbage hauler's responsibility to retrieve the containers from and return the containers to this location on collection day. At the owner, occupant, or manager's discretion, placement of containers for collection may be the same as their non-collection day placement, so long as the containers are adjacent to the structure and reasonably accessible to the hauler.
(Ord. 147-21, passed 11-16-2021)