(a)   Noncollection day placement. Except as authorized herein for collection day placement, all containers not kept inside the structure or otherwise screened from public view shall be kept directly adjacent to the structure in an inconspicuous place by the owner, occupant, or manager of the dwelling house, apartment, construction site, place of business, or building. In choosing a suitable location directly adjacent to the structure, owners, occupants, and managers will balance efficiency and aesthetics with the inherent limitations of the structure. In all cases, the vicinity of the garbage container shall be kept free from any garbage, rubbish, animal waste, litter, yard waste, or any putrescible matter that attracts insects, rodents, or animals.
   (b)   Collection day placement—location. All containers shall be placed at a location, other than in the roadway or on the sidewalk, designated for collection by the commercial garbage hauler contracted to remove the same. Curbside placement that does not encroach onto the roadway or sidewalk and is placed with due care to avoid creating a hazard by obstructing the view of traffic is authorized. The commercial garbage hauler and the owner, occupant, or manager may agree for collection to be made at the structure in a place reasonably accessible to the hauler (e.g., valet service).
   (c)   Collection day placement—timing. No owner, occupant, or manager shall place or permit to be placed any container away from the structure for collection before noon of the day preceding their scheduled collection day. No container may be left at the place of collection away from the structure after 11 p.m. on the day of collection or more than two hours after the actual collection, whichever is later.
   (d)   Absent agreement with the commercial garbage hauler, it is the owner, occupant, or manager's responsibility to move or cause to be moved all containers to and from the place designated for collection.
(Ord. 147-21, passed 11-16-2021)