Animals Generally
   90.01   Dogs or other animals running at large; nuisance, dangerous or vicious dogs; hearings
   90.02   Confining animal found at large; publication of notice; lien
   90.03   Unavoidable escapes
   90.04   Fees
   90.05   Rabies quarantine orders of City Manager
   90.06   Interfering with enforcement of quarantine orders
   90.07   (Reserved)
   90.08   Dogs may be killed for certain acts
   90.09   Harboring dogs
   90.10   Muzzling or chaining dogs
   90.11   (Reserved)
   90.12   Rabies immunization required
   90.13   Impoundment; rates
   90.14   Animal waste
Offenses Relating to Animals
   90.30   Abandoning animals
   90.31   Injuring animals
   90.32   Poisoning animals
   90.33   Cruelty to animals; cruelty to companion animals
   90.34   Animal fights
   90.35   Trapshooting
   90.36   Loud dog
   90.37   Dog tags
   90.38   Nuisance, dangerous and vicious dog defined; transfer of ownership certificate; form stating dog’s prior behavior
   90.39   Failure to register dog or dog kennel
   90.40   Hindering the capture of unregistered dog
   90.41   Unlawful tag
   90.42   Rights of blind, deaf or hearing impaired, or mobility impaired person, or trainer with assistance dog
   90.43   Retail sale and transportation of dogs
   90.44   Coloring rabbits or baby poultry
   90.45   Jacklighting prohibited
   90.46   Restrictions on dog ownership for certain convicted felons
   90.47   Sexual conduct with an animal
   Assaulting police dog, horse or assistance dog, see § 136.15
   Disturbing animals or fowl in city recreation area, see § 94.23
Statutory reference:
   Hunting and fishing regulations, see R.C. Chapter 1533
   Law enforcement canine registration, see R.C. § 955.012
   Nuisance wild animal trapping, see O.A.C. § 1501:31-15-03
   Possession of dangerous wild animals and restricted snakes, requirements and licensing, see R.C. Chapter 935
   Rabies: report of dog bite, confinement of animal, report of suspected rabid animal, see O.A.C. §§ 3701-3-28 through 3701-3-30