The city hereby adopts as part of this code the following international building code standards effective June 10 2022, together with all referenced materials, appendices and amendments appertaining thereto:
   A.   2021 International Existing Building Code, as amended by ARM 24.301.171.
   B.   2021 International Building Code as amended by ARM 24.301.131.
   C.   2021 International Residential Code as amended by ARM 24.301.154.
   D.   2021 International Energy Conservation Code, as amended by ARM 24.301.161.
All as set forth or to be set forth in the Montana administrative rules (ARMs), and the same are adopted herein by reference, except as follows: No building permit shall be required for the repair of any existing building, provided the repair does not involve structural repairs. The repair of more than thirty-three percent (33%) of the roof of any commercial building shall be deemed structural. (Ord. 558, 12-15-2014; amd. Ord. 582, 9-8-2020; Ord. 589, - -2020; Ord. 595, 7-5-2022)