(a)   Garbage shall be disposed of only by shredding it into a sewer through a properly operating garbage disposal machine or by removal by the Solid Waste Department of the City. Except as otherwise herein specifically provided, no person, other than the generator of such garbage or Solid Waste Department personnel, shall haul, collect or dispose of solid waste other than yard waste. Solid waste shall be disposed of consistent with NDEQ regulations found in NAC Title 1321, Rules and Regulations Governing Solid Waste Management in Nebraska, by the Division of Sanitation. Until such garbage or refuse is disposed of by the City or the generator of such garbage or refuse, it shall be kept by the property owner, tenant or other person in possession, charge or control of the property in a City refuse container, except as provided for in Section 1060.11. No person shall dump solid waste from or otherwise tamper with the contents of a City refuse container.
   (b)   Recyclable materials that are separated and set out for collection shall be the exclusive property of the City.
   (c)   No person shall collect recyclable materials or other refuse from recycling containers (separated packaging or separated stacking) that have been set out for collection by the Sanitation Division or the authorized collection agent of the City, except as specifically authorized by the City Manager.
(Ord. 1343. Passed 5-28-96.)