Human Relations
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Resolution 185-84, passed October 24, 1984, adopted a Handicapped Non-Discrimination Grievance Procedure, in compliance with the 1983 revised Revenue Sharing Regulations, and established a Handicapped Non-Discrimination Committee. Copies of such Resolution and the Grievance Procedure attached thereto are available, at cost, from the City Clerk.
624.01   Short title.
624.02   Purpose.
624.03   Definitions.
624.04   Unlawful discriminatory practices.
624.05   Creation of local Human Relations Commission.
624.06   Powers and duties of the Commission.
624.07   Procedure.
624.08   Enforcement and Judicial Review.
624.09   Violations.
624.99   Penalty.
   Fair Employment Practice Commission - see ADM. Ch. 260
   Affirmative action - see ADM. Ch. 280. 13
   Discriminating against ambulance service patients - see B. R. & T. 820.14