A.    All general standards for Accessory Uses and Structures and additional standards for specific Accessory Uses and Structures are found in Chapter 1262, Accessory Uses and Structures.
   B.    The following are permitted Accessory Uses and Structures in the C3 Business Commercial District:
      1.    Amusement devices, as defined by the Business Regulation Code, limited to two (2).
      2.    Antennae, master radio, television and other telecommunications equipment, pursuant to Section 1262.02.
      3.    Fences and Walls, pursuant to Section 1262.05.
      4.    Heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment, motorized, pursuant to Section 1262.08.
      5.    Landscape features (including gardens, fountains, sidewalks, and lawns, but excluding fences and walls).
      6.    Loading, off-street, in rear yard only, pursuant to Chapter 1252, Off-Street Loading Regulations.
      7.    Maintenance, Storage, Utility and Waste Disposal Facilities, only if totally enclosed. Utility lines shall be entirely enclosed or buried for all new construction.
      8.    Ornamental Structures, in rear or side yard only, pursuant to Section 1262.10.
      9.    Parking, off-street, and Driveways, pursuant to Chapter 1251, Off-Street Parking Regulations.
      10.    Parking Structures, pursuant to Section 1262.12.
      11.    Recreational Structures, accessory to a Child Day Care Center, in rear yard only.
      12.    Signage, pursuant to Chapter 1250, Sign Regulation
      13.    Truck storage and storage of vehicles, pursuant to Section 1253.09, Landscape Buffers and Screening, and Section 1262.15, Storage of Vehicles.
      14.    Warehousing.
      15.    Wholesale use.